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Leakage Current Meters and Probes
Model 565 [Catalog No. 2117.56]
TRMS Leakage Current Meter Model 565
(TRMS, 60mA, 600mA, 100A, 600VAC/DC, Hz, Ohms, Continuity)
Model 2620 [Catalog No. 2125.52]
AC Leakage Current Probe Model 2620 (4A, 1V/A & 400A, 1mV/A output)
Model AN-1 [Catalog No. 1971.01]
Artificial Neutral Model AN-1
Model SR759 [Catalog No. 2116.33]
AC Current Probe Model SR759 (Lead - mV output: 1mA-1A; 10mA-10A; 0.1A-100A; 1A-1000A max)
Model MN103 [Catalog No. 1031.02]
AC Current Probe Model MN103 (Lead - 1mV/mA - 10A max & 1mV/A - 100A max)
Model MN114 [Catalog No. 2110.71]
AC Current Probe Model MN114 (Lead - 100mV/A - 10A max)