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Digital Multimeters
Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeters
The Model MX57EX is an intrinsically safe digital multimeter designed for use in dangerous or explosive atmospheres.This meter is considered a passive device without inductive or capacitive issues that are problematic in such atmospheres.
50,000/100,000-Count Digital Multimeters
The professional 50,000/100,000-count AEMC® Digital Multimeters are designed for field and plant use. These meters provide high accuracy and resolution. For accurate measurements these meters display TRMS readings for AC or AC + DC. Provide ultra-high input impedance.
4000/5000/6000-Count Digital Multimeters
The AEMC® 4000/5000/6000-count digital multimeters are accurate TRMS instuments designed for everday electrical applications. All standard multimeter functions are available including volts, amps, frequency, ohms, continuity, diode checking plus a low impedance AC volt mode useful in eliminating ghosting.