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Ground Resistance Testers
Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers
The Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers measure ground rod and grid resistance without the use of auxiliary ground rods. Offer accurate readings from 0.01 to 1200Ω as well as ground leakage current from 1mA to 30Arms without disconnecting the rod under test.
3-Point Ground Resistance Testers
The AEMC® 3-Point Ground Resistance Testers are available in both analog and digital models. These Fall-of-Potential testers are designed to reject high levels of noise and interference. Measurement ranges up to 1999Ω. Also available as a complete kit which includes leads, ground rods and carrying case.
4-Point Ground Resistance Testers
The AEMC® 4-Point Ground Resistance Testers are ideal for both soil resistitivity and Fall-of-Potential testing. Models are available as battery powered or AC power cord. All models are available in complete kit form which includes leads, ground rods and carrying bag.
Multi-Function Ground Testers
The AEMC® 3-Point/4-Point/Multi-Function Ground Resistance Tester performs grounding resistance, earth coupling measurement, soil resistivity and bonding tests. This direct reading tester measures from 0.01 to 99,000Ω, and is auto-ranging, automatically seeking out the optimum measurement range test current and test frequency.
Multi-Function Power Ground Testers
The Multi-function Power Ground Tester Model 6472/6474 is a ground and resistivity tester adapter for tower ground measurements. It has the capability to test ground resistance of individual power transmission tower legs, as well as total resistance, without disconnecting the overhead ground wire