AEMC offers a diverse selection of online learning tools and resources throughout our website. We provide hands-on experiences via tradeshows, in-person training courses and online webinars to help you learn the latest technologies and get hands-on training with AEMC tools.

Taught by our professional engineers and technical personnel our courses explain industry best practices and standards, and overall safety protocols in electrical safety training, power quality troubleshooting and energy analysis and thermal imaging solutions.

Our experts can help you and your team improve your electrical testing understanding to help you avoid common mistakes and improve your overall testing quality and efficiency.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding AEMC® Instruments products, services or training please don't hesitate to speak with one of our team members by calling 1(800) 343-1391 or e-mailing customerservice@aemc.com .


Types of Training

AEMC offers private training courses structured to meet your needs.   We offer in-person seminars throughout the country.
Private Training Sessions   In-Person Seminars
Visit the AEMC booth at tradeshows throughout the country.   Visit the AEMC booth at tradeshows throughout the country
Tradeshows   Webinars