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Technical Bulletins

Watts Current Issue 22

Issue 22 Topics:

  • Special Report: Grounding and Bonding Testing
  • New AEMC Products: Ground Resistance Testers Models 6422 / 6424



Watts Current Issue 21

Issue 21 Topics:

  • Featured Products: Clamp-On Ground Testers Theory of Operation
  • Power Factor and Reactive Power
  • Touch Potential and Step Potential
  • New AEMC Products: AC Current Probes Models MR525/526



Watts Current Issue 19

Issue 19 Topics:

  • Featured Products: AEMC Model 6610 Phase Rotation Meter
  • Recording Alarms on the Model 8336
  • New DataView Installation
  • Introducing the Simple Logger (SL) Series
  • New AEMC Products: Current Probe Model MA114, AC Current Probe Model LM102, and LM103



Watts Current Issue 18

Issue 18 Topics:

  • Featured Products: True InRush® and AEMC Power Clamp-On Meters
  • Customer Support Tip: Transient Capture on the AEMC PowerPad III Model 8336
  • Battery Basics, Part 3: Rechargeable Battery Considerations
  • New AEMC Product: Clamp-On Ground Tester Model 6418



Watts Current Issue 17

Issue 17 Topics:

  • Featured Products: PowerPad III® vs PEL® Feature Comparison
  • Understanding Ground Resistance Testing Seminar
  • Battery Basics, Part 2: Determining Battery Capacity
  • Measuring Humidity (and Why it’s Important)
  • New AEMC Product: Portable Oscilloscope OX 5042 Series



Watts Current Issue 16

Issue 16 Topics:

  • Featured Products: Data Aggregation in PowerPad III® and PEL® Instruments
  • Upgrading Firmware on PEL® Instruments
  • Battery Basics, Part 1: Battery Design and Chemistries
  • Customer Support Tip: Defining "Competent" vs "Qualified"
  • New AEMC Products: Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6255



Watts Current Issue 15

Issue 15 Topics:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lightmeters and Office Lighting
  • Customer Support Tip: Simple Logger II Containers from Mailing Tubes
  • Grounding Systems Primer
  • New AEMC Products: Pocket Multimeter Model 5115



Watts Current Issue 14

Issue 14 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Megohmmeter Model 1060 Introduction, Part 2
  • AEMC Static Ground & Test Kit
  • Customer Support Tip: Phase Shift Defined
  • Downloading a PowerPad® III Model 8336 Recording
  • New AEMC Products: Environmental Data Loggers



Watts Current Issue 13

Issue 13 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Megohmmeter Model 1060 Introduction, Part 1
  • Loop Detection: A feature for the Clamp-On Ground Tester Models 6416/6417
  • Customer Support Tip: DataView Simple Logger II Control Panel
  • Configuring and Running a Recording: A "how-to" on the PowerPad® III Model 8336



Watts Current Issue 12

Issue 12 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Connecting the Model 1950 IR Camera to a Measurement Instrument
  • All About Data Loggers
  • Customer Support Tip: Setting Up a Multi-Instrument Recording Configuration in the DataView PEL Control Panel
  • New AEMC Product: Model 6681 Cable Tester



Watts Current Issue 11

Issue 11 Topics:

  • Featured Product: New Features in DataView 3.50
  • Harmonics: A Brief Introduction
  • Rogowski Coil Primer
  • Megohmmeter Calibration Checker and Ground Resistance Checker
  • AEMC Interview: John Olobri, Director of Sales and Marketing
  • New AEMC Product: CAmReport Software for the Infrared Camera Model 1950



Watts Current Issue 10

Issue 10 Topics:

  • Featured Product: PEL 105 IRD Server Connection
  • Three-Phase Dual-Voltage Motor Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Downloading Data with the DataView® PowerPad® III Control Panel
  • Customer Support Tip: DataView Report Design Tools



Watts Current Issue 09

Issue 9 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Performing a Wenner Soil Resistivity Test with the AEMC® Ground Tester Model 6472
  • True RMS, TrueInRush®, and True Megohmmeter®
  • Setting Up a Recording Session in the DataView® PowerPad® III Control Panel
  • Customer Support Tip: NEC 220.87 – Load study: Finding the maximum 15-minute demand for a 30-day period using AEMC® PEL 100 Series or PowerPad® III instruments
  • Minimizing Noise Voltage in Cables
  • AEMC Interview: Timothy Cowgill (Western Regional Manager), Mark Gutekunst (Mid-Atlantic District Sales Engineer), and George Vlachos (Eastern US Sales Manager)
  • New AEMC® Products: Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 105, Data Logger Model 452, IR Camera Model 1950



Watts Current Issue 08

Issue 8 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Choosing the Right Ground Resistance Tester
  • Understanding Uncertainty Specifications for Electrical Test Equipment
  • Customer Support Tip: Detecting Phantom “Ghost” Voltages with AEMC Multimeters using the VlowZ setting
  • AEMC Interview: Mike Van Dunk, Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Customer Testimonial: AEMC Goes to Sea
  • New AEMC® Products: Indoor Air Quality Tester C.A 1510, Digital Multimeters Models 5212, 5215, and 5217



Watts Current Issue 07

Issue 7 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Fall-of-Potential Testing with the Ground Resistance Tester Model 3640
  • Introduction to DataView Template Frames
  • Customer Support Tip: Ensure Correct Connections with Phasor Diagrams!
  • DataView PEL Control Panel Event Log Messages
  • AEMC Interview: Dick McCarrick, Technical Writer



Watts Current Issue 06

Issue 6 Topics:

  • Featured Product: AEMC Quick Tester Model 8505
  • Customer Support Tip: Clamp-On Current Probe Selection Guide
  • An Introduction to Insulation Resistance Testing
  • AEMC Interview: Laura Cursack, Import/Export Manager



Watts Current Issue 05

Issue 5 Topics:

  • Featured Product: AEMC® Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240
  • Customer Support Tip: Connecting Kelvin Probes to Micro-Ohmmeters
  • Read SD Card Feature for PowerPad® III Instruments
  • AEMC Interview: Ed Cunnie, Inside Sales Manager
  • • New Product: Power Adapter for the Models PEL 102 and PEL 103



Watts Current Issue 04

Issue 4 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Tower Ground Testing with the AEMC® GroundFlex® Field Kit
  • OLED Display for the AEMC® Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester Model 6416/6417
  • Root Mean Square (RMS) Primer
  • AEMC Interview: Ray Brady, Technical Support
  • Customer Support Tip: Understanding Data Aggregation in DataView® PEL Control Panel Reports



Watts Current Issue 03

Issue 3 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Android App for the AEMC Clamp-on Ground Tester Model 6417
  • Replacing the Battery in a PEL 102 or PEL 103
  • DataView Report Primer
  • EN 50160 Power Quality Monitoring with the DataView PowerPad III Control Panel
  • Customer Support Tip: Estimating PowerPad Recording Lengths With AEMC’s Trend Duration Calculator!
  • AEMC Interview: Valerie Scheer, Director of Operations
  • New AEMC® Instruments Products:Update to DataView, Android App for Model 6417


Watts Current Issue 02

Issue 2 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Android App for the AEMC® Power and Energy Logger Model PEL 100 Series
  • Monitoring Electrical Quality with AEMC PowerPad® III Instruments
  • OLE Objects in DataView
  • Customer Support Tip: Adding a Trend Summary List to a DataView® Report
  • AEMC Interview: Mike McCarrick, Manager of Firmware and Software Development
  • New AEMC® Instruments Products: Models 6416/6417, Model 8336


Watts Current Issue 01

Issue 1 Topics:

  • Measuring Resistance/Impedance with the Four-Wire Kelvin Method
  • DataView® File Types
  • AEMC® Instruments YouTube Channel
  • AEMC Interview: Guy Belliveau, Technical Support
  • Customer Support Tip: Legacy DataView® Version for Discontinued Instruments
  • New AEMC® Instruments Products: Model 8435, Model 8333, Model 6292