Decade Boxes

Your Testing and Calibration Solution

AEMC® decade boxes are built into a metal bench top box and are used for testing and calibration. These decade boxes create a resistance or capacitance with a specific value.

Each is equipped with Ø 4mm safety terminals for connection and designed to international safety standard EN 61010-1.

Decade Boxes Features:

  • Rotary switch selector
  • Stop position to prevent accidental switching from 10 to 0
  • Male ground (earth) terminal with safety jack
  • Outputs on Ø 4mm safety terminals
  • Ground jumper lead EN 61010-2-031, 150V Cat. II, 50V Cat. III,Pollution Degree 2
  • Accuracy 1% (Resistance)
  • Accuracy 3% (Capacitance)

Typical Decade Boxes Application:

  • Simulate in-circuit conditions on design projects
  • Use in calibration and test procedures
  • Simulate changing conditions
  • Determine optimum values for circuit designs

Things to Consider When Selecting a Decade Box:

  • Is this for simulating resistance, conductance or inductance?
  • What range is required?
  • How much resolution is needed?
  • What level accuracy is preferred?

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Decade Boxes please don't hesitate to speak with one of our tech support team members by e-mailing or call 800-945-2362 (ext.351).

Decade Boxes

  • Resistance Decade Box Model BR07

    Cat. #2131.25
    Resistance Decade Box Model BR07 (x1Ω, x10Ω, x100Ω, x1kΩ, x10kΩ, x100kΩ, x1MΩ, 1%)
    For testing and calibration of test equipment. Creates a resistance with a specific value (seven decade ranges from 1 to 10MΩ) by using a combination of rotary switches. Equipped with Ø 4mm safety terminals. Designed to EN 61010-1 safety standards, and includes ground jumper lead.

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