Electrical Test Tools

Why Choose AEMC® Electrical Test Tools?

Cost Effective & Quick Ship

AEMC® offers economically priced phase/motor rotation meters, line splitters, voltage and outlet testers employing both contact and non-contact measurement. Essential for every electrician’s tool bag.

We offer a fast delivery of one week for our in-stock products.


Non-contact measurement features provide for operator safety for both low voltage and high voltage applications.


Voltage Absence Testers

  • Full Autotest with indication of the type of fault
  • IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor use
  • Automatic standby
  • Audio and visual continuity

Phase & Motor Rotation Meters

  • Identify phase rotation on 3-Phase systems
  • Identify live and open/de-energized phases
  • Ideal for measuring the proper rotation of motors, conveyors, pumps and other electrical devices interconnected to the power line system

Tech Support

AEMC provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support team members. Or e-mail your electrical test tool questions to our tech team techsupport@aemc.com

Electrical Test Tools

  • Low Voltage Two-Pole Absence Detector Model C.A 742 DDT

    Cat. #903.1917.42Z
    The C.A 742 Voltage Absence Tester is an essential tool for any electrician to check that no voltage is present before working on an electrical installation connected to the network. It complies with IEC 61243-3 Edition 2 and can be used to work on any indoor or outdoor 600V CAT IV installation. To fulfil the requirements of the standards and legislation in certain countries, there are 2 references, with or without IP2X accessories.