Digital Multimeters

Why Choose AEMC Digital Multimeters?

Highest Quality

AEMC Instruments’ range of hand-held digital multimeters are compact, simple-to-use, accurate and are designed and tested by electrical engineers offering superior knowledge in safety and time-saving features to help you confidently troubleshoot and solve problems.

Feature Rich

AEMC’s multimeters offer features that are only found on meters at a much higher price such as non-contact voltage detection and Bluetooth integration to synchronize with other recording instruments.

Cost Effective & Quick Ship

Our multimeters are built with exceptional quality for a great value and we offer a fast delivery of one week (in-stock).


Our multimeter instruments are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety and measurement standards (NF EN 61010-1/61010-2-030/033, 600/1000V, CAT IV / CAT III).

Multimeter Comparisons

We created the following all-in-one, one page comparison sheet to help you select the best Digital Multimeter for your specific needs.


Tech Support

AEMC® provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support staff today. Or e-mail your questions to our tech team.

Excellent Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly service team provides the best support in the industry. We seek to understand your inquiry or feedback in a respectful and responsive way. Our goal at AEMC® Instruments is to surpass your expectations. Contact us today! Call: 1(800) 945-2362 x361 or Email:

Digital Multimeters Features

  • Determine cable runs in wall, conduit and other surfaces
  • Models range from basic 4000 count instruments to high accuracy 100,000 count displays
  • Easy-to-read graphical display of trends and multiple parameters.
  • Trace cursors and zoom on recordings
  • Advanced features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, data logging, and noncontact voltage detection are available in many models
  • For more demanding applications, intrinsically safe and waterproof models are available
  • and more...

Applications (model dependent)

  • Electrical installers and professionals
  • Electrical, electronics and machine maintenance (numerical controls, motors, generators, etc.)
  • Electricians and heating or air-conditioning specialists
  • Computer or medical equipment wiring component testing
  • Automatic cooling systems and processes (Sectors: food, plastics, concrete, metal, paper, wood, oil, nuclear, etc.)
  • and much more...

Digital Multimeters

  • Digital Multimeter Model 5215 (Discontinued). Check out Model 5217 Cat. #2154.09

    Cat. #2154.08
    TRMS, 6000-count, NCV, V, A, AC/DC, Ohm, Auto Hold
    Measures voltage (AC and DC), resistance, capacitance, and frequency. Performs continuity checks and diode testing (including forward bias voltage). Features non-electrical contact testing (NCV) function for detecting live electrical circuits. Includes Auto Range mode and Data HOLD function. Rated to 600V CAT III.

  • DMM Model MTX3283B-BTCOMCM

    Cat. #2125.79

    DMM Model MTX3283B-BTCOMCM (Discontinued)