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Two and four-isolated-channel 600V CAT III rated with 12-bit resolution. Featuring built in functions to perform as an Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, TRMS Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer, and Recorder. Perfect for both laboratory and field testing.


This comprehensive line of hand-held and benchtop oscilloscopes (single, dual, and four channel) feature 12 bit resolution, full channel-to-channel isolation, and full-color displays that make complex waveforms easy to analyze. Bandwidths options range from 20 to 200MHz. Harmonic analysis, data storage, and ethernet connections are also available.
  • Hand-Held Oscilloscope Model OX7204III

    Cat. #2124.68 - DISCONTINUED
    4x200MHz, Color, 50k memory, Harmonics, Recorder, Power
    Four-channel oscilloscope with 200MHz bandwidth. Features patented system of “plug-and-play” accessories, individual isolation of each measurement channel, and remote management capabilities. Ethernet link enables remote control of oscilloscope. Ideal for both laboratory and field use.

  • Oscilloscope CII Series Power Kit

    Cat. #2124.94

    Oscilloscope CII Series Power Kit (Accessory kit for Oscilloscopes CII series)

  • PC Scope Module Model MTX 1054BW-PC

    Cat. #2150.13
    4-Channel, Wi-Fi, 150MHz
    Four-channel oscilloscope with 150MHz bandwidth. Vertical sensitivity from 250uV to 100V/div with 10 bit resolution. USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi communication for connecting to a computer with the supplied software. Rated 300V CAT III.

  • Styli Pen - Set of 2, with Magnet

    Cat. #5000.59

    DISCONTINUED Styli Pen - Set of 2, with Magnet for OXIII Series Oscilloscopes