Multi-Function Installation Testers

Why Choose AEMC® Installation Testers?

We know it’s critical for you to monitor insulation resistance (IR) as part of your electrical quality control process to ensure the safety of lives and the integrity of electrical wiring insulation. That’s why AEMC Installation Testers are all-in-one multi-functional, professional, rugged, and easy-to-use instruments that allow you to execute extensive testing required of electrical installations, systems and circuits.

Easy Access to Test Functions

Our installation tester instruments give you direct access to the desired test function. There is no complex selection steps which saves you time and ensures you have complete confidence in your test selection.

Eliminates User Errors

Easy and clear display of both test and results eliminating user errors.

All Necessary Accessories Included

All accessories needed to run your tests are included with our Installation Testers so you have everything need to do and complete your tests.

Key Features

  • Testing according to the international standards: IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE100, XP C 16-600, etc.
  • Clear, detailed contextual help for each function, including all connection diagrams
  • Error warnings for incorrectly connected testers or if hazardous voltage is present
  • Suitable for all neutral systems (TT, TN, IT)
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Integrated fuse table for quick reading of the results on the instrument
  • Li-Ion battery for a longer battery life
  • Measurements: continuity, insulation resistance, ground resistance, voltage, current via clamp, active power, waveforms and harmonics, and more
  • Measurement of voltage drop for correct sizing of conductor diameters
  • Loop measurement with 1m resolution

Comprehensive Data Analysis & Reporting Software

Our powerful DataView™ software, with customizable predefined reporting templates, is included to provide valuable insights and stores up to 1000 tests, which can be downloaded, printed and shared.

Expert Tech Support

AEMC® provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support team members. Or e-mail your questions to our tech team.

Excellent Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly service team provides the best support in the industry. We seek to understand your inquiry or feedback in a respectful and responsive way. Our goal at AEMC® is to surpass your expectations.

Request a Demo

Have questions on how to use AEMC® Installation Testers? We're happy to provide a demonstration with our technical experts. Contact us at (800) 343-1391 or email us at

Multi-Function Installation Testers

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