AC Digital Signal Generator Model DSG-8

The AC Digital Signal Generator Model DSG-8 simulates waveforms for a variety of AEMC power analyzers, including the PowerPad, PowerPad III, and PEL 100 series. The DSG-8 can create simulations for any AC distribution system supported by these instruments, including capturing transients, inrush, and alarm events. The simulator ships with seven preset simulations. These can be modified through the Simulator Software (provided). You can also create, save, and load new waveform simulations with the Simulator Software. Presets can be selected from either a computer running the Simulator Software or through the DSG-8 front panel. In addition, custom simulations can be configured via the Simulator Software.
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DSG-8 6000.09 AC Digital Signal Generator Model DSG-8 $795.00
Cat. #6000.09
DescriptionAC Digital Signal Generator Model DSG-8
List Price$795.00
Channels Eight
Output Termination Five 4mm safety banana connectors
Four AEMC/C.A connector
Output Voltage 0 to 55VRMS (Earth/Ground to phase 1, 2, 3 and neutral)
0 to 1VRMS AEMC/C.A connector
Accuracy Unspecified (see graphs below)
Frequency Range 45 to 65Hz
Sample Rate 128 samples/cycle
Harmonics Programmable harmonic content to the 50th harmonic
Inrush 14 cycle inrush simulation
Presets Seven preset waveforms (six normal/transient, one normal/inrush)
Communication USB 2.0
Power Consumption 70mA at max output all eight channels
Power Source USB 5V
Three 1.5V C-cell alkaline batteries
Battery Life 100 hours active mode (output ON)
60 days sleep mode (output OFF)

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