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Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 103 (includes LCD, and three MA193-10-BK Sensors) - Cat.#2137.52
Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 103 (Includes LCD. Does not include sensors) - Cat.#2137.62
USB SD - card adapter (replacement for Power & Energy Logger models PEL 102 & PEL 103) - Cat.#5000.45
Cable – 10 ft USB Cable for use with Models 8333, 8835, 8336, 8435, 8436, PEL 102, PEL 103, PEL 105, {Replacement for Models DTR® 8510 & C.A 6116} - Cat.#2136.80
Adapter - 600V CAT III Power Adapter for use with Models PEL 102 & PEL 103
- Cat.#2137.83

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DataView Software

Ver 3.61.0008     Open Release Notes for the latest updates   |   Models Supported by DataView
Release Date: November 12, 2019

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

When installing/updating any of the DataView Control Panels below you MUST also update the DataView software to avoid communication errors.  

PLEASE READ - If DataView is already installed, you can check for updates:

  • English - Select "Update" from the Help menu within DataView to download an updated version of DataView.
  • French - Pour telecharger mise a jour, selectionner le menu aide dans Dataview and clicker sur "mise a jour".
  • Spanish - Para descargar Actualizaciones, vaya al menú de Ayuda dentro de DataView y clic en "Actualización".

PEL Power & Energy Meters - Firmware - Model PEL 102 & 103

Model PEL 102 & 103 Ver v1.25 & DSP v1.20

Release Date: September 15, 2018

Application Notes

Technical Bulletins

Watts Current Issue 05

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 5 - AEMC® Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240

Issue 5 Topics:

  • Featured Product: AEMC® Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240
  • Customer Support Tip: Connecting Kelvin Probes to Micro-Ohmmeters
  • Read SD Card Feature for PowerPad® III Instruments
  • AEMC Interview: Ed Cunnie, Inside Sales Manager
  • • New Product: Power Adapter for the Models PEL 102 and PEL 103



Watts Current Issue 03

Android App for the AEMC Clamp-on Ground Tester Model 6417

Issue 3 Topics:

  • Featured Product: Android App for the AEMC Clamp-on Ground Tester Model 6417
  • Replacing the Battery in a PEL 102 or PEL 103
  • DataView Report Primer
  • EN 50160 Power Quality Monitoring with the DataView PowerPad III Control Panel
  • Customer Support Tip: Estimating PowerPad Recording Lengths With AEMC’s Trend Duration Calculator!
  • AEMC Interview: Valerie Scheer, Director of Operations
  • New AEMC® Instruments Products:Update to DataView, Android App for Model 6417



Video - Configuring the PEL 102/103


Configuring PEL Through DataView® PEL Control Panel

PEL 102/103 Battery Replacement

Creating A DataView® Report in the PEL Control Panel

Español - Configuración de un PEL de AEMC mediante DataView®

Español - Datos del PEL en Tiempo Real

PEL - Synchronized Recordings With Multiple PELs

Introduction To Data Loggers

Data Aggregation for PEL® and PowerPad®

PEL 102/103 Battery Replacement

Welcome to AEMC® Instruments News Room

Press Release for the PEL Adapter

Press Release Models PEL102 & PEL103

Boletín de Prensa Modelo PEL 102/103

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